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Titan Safe And Lock

Security Is Our Strength

Titan Safe & Lock Is a Licensed, Insured & Bonded Locksmith Company with the State Of Texas, Business # B04079801. We are a local company and we take pride in providing the highest quality parts and workmanship in the industry! All calls are routed to the Owner and dispatched accordingly. You can expect an honest upfront estimate with every experience

About Our Industry

About Our Commitment

Commitment is a word rarely used in our society today. It's a word that conveys hard work and dedication to the task at hand, and unfortunately there are many imitation Locksmith company's out there today who don't believe in it.  At Titan Safe & Lock we believe that every job we do is unique and sometimes quite challenging, and with that statement we pledge to finish each and every job we do regardless of difficulty. We believe that you will be happy when we're done with our work and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

About Our Products

about us

At Titan Safe & Lock we believe that quality parts are just as important as quality workmanship. Therefore we work with and offer only the best security products available. Our suppliers and vendors are industry leaders and excel at providing premium products for all your security needs.  


The Locksmith Industry in Texas is a regulated trade by the Private Security Bureau Of TXDPS. Locksmith Company's and Locksmith's are heavily scrutinized due to the delicate nature of our work.  We are fingerprinted and have regular background checks to assure that we are legit. While most locksmith company's are honest and trustworthy there are some that are not looking after your best interest and skirt these regulations, and unfortunately they permeate our Industry. When choosing a Locksmith be sure to ask the important questions to assure that they the Company and their technician's have the proper credentials to do the job properly and ask for prices upfront. Most of the fraudulent company's will tell you that all prices are starting prices and do not honor them when the work is complete, this should be a red flag to avoid. Choose a local company and avoid 1-800 numbers, choose Titan Safe & Lock and rest assured that you will be treated properly and that the job will be done right!